Quickbooks / Sage Integrations

System Recommendations:

  1. Operating system should be Windows 7 or newer, with a minimum of 6GB RAM and 10GB of free disk space, and two processor cores.

  2. The computer must be on (not in sleep mode), and connected to the internet in order for nightly integration to run automatically. The sync with eUnify servers typically runs in early morning hours, around 2:00 AM Central.

  3. The integration app must be installed on a computer that has QuickBooks/Sage installed. If running QuickBooks/Sage in a server environment, the company files can be on a server but the integration app requires a local version of QuickBooks/Sage to be installed.


Click to download the integration app for either Quickbooks or Sage: eUnify Integration Version 1.90 Download

Software Setup Guide
Quickbooks Quickbooks Integration Guide (PDF)
Sage Sage Integration Guide (PDF)


  1. Save and run the application to the computer using the appropriate link above.

    Note: Windows might flag the application as “not commonly downloaded” and prevent execution. View the download history and right-click on the application in the history list; click the option to “run anyway” to bypass the default action from Windows.

  2. In the series of installation windows, use the “Next” button for normal installation.

  3. Once installed, open the application and enter the “Firm ID” and “Authentication Code”, both of which are found in uManage on the Manage Firm page > Integration tab. Click “Test” to verify correct entry and then “Save” to update changes.

  4. Go to File > Companies in the application to begin linking up company files to be synced with eUnify.

Use the PDF integration guide, available via the link next to each of the integration application downloads, or speak to an eUnify representative for further assistance.